HATCH Series No. 1 | Selfhood: Beyond__Archetype

+ About the Work

This very personal collection was designed as a series of windows that look at fragments of family ancestry and present. Over 1,200 separate digital images have been copied, resized and combined to recreate religious metaphors and visual stories of heritage. The images individually portray family, friends, found objects, and illustrations, which are transferred and sealed onto gold leaf. The materials and shapes are used to taint the windows from perfect digital compositions and give viewers the eyes of long forgotten Central American relatives; a viewpoint of the future from the past; an allusion of deep space with both static and free objects that are architectural, stoic, and time-honored.

HATCH Series No. 2 | Between the Concrete

+ About the Work

Menswear fashion has made great strides in the last few years. It has reclaimed empowerment, having been reworked with subtly for decades. Menswear has been unafraid to show its effeminate side; to use color; to question traditional materials and construction techniques.
Urban trends in particular have embraced endless silhouettes and ethic bounds. The international diversity of the city has allowed for East to meet West and everywhere in between. This piece, Sannin 1 of 3, is the culmination of several design and construction processes that reflect upon experimentation in New York City. The garment has been created organically with an artisan approach and has become a personal journey, one year in the making. This Urban Armor, its materials, and their integration are an homage to urban melting pots and our connections with people from around the world:

Wool and silk yards imported Yarns from Italy, China, and South America

Knitted, knotted, and sewn with techniques founded in Europe and Japan

Hand Dyed in Texas - Sponsored by Madelinetosh Yarn Company

Designed and Hand-Crafted in New York

+ About the Work

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Louis is an illustrator and Menswear Designer from Metro Detroit