HATCH Series No. 2 | Between the Concrete

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In large metropolitan cities, we are constantly being watched and recorded by cameras that surround us. When we seclude ourselves back home into our apartments, we feel a sense of comfort knowing we are in a private space where a large portion of our time is spent looking at screens. What happens when our privacy is breached? In experiencing "O", viewers are pushed to acknowledge their faces and reactions towards the audio, as well as encounter listening to a taboo soundtrack in a public space. Viewers are watching themselves, watching others, and watching themselves being watched by others.

HATCH Series No. 3 | RE: Design

+ About the Work

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Jacqueline Jing Lin is a moving image maker based in Brooklyn NY. She enjoys making playful works and artificial imagery that can only exist virtually, while touching upon taboo topics and intimate subjects.


Instagram: @jing.gif