HATCH Series No. 1 | Self-Hood: Between ___ Archetype

+ About the Work

Ask myself: How to make art like Bic lighters & loose tobacco, or dry cigarettes with painty hands. Lookin' out at Sunlight to sweetly release things. An ongoing dusty cough, or inability to read sheet music, web of touching lives, thin string, Friend's head on shoulder. Cooking potatoes & garlic in cast iron, or realizing you don't care a Banana's Bruised, or beer in the Morning or sex in the Morning and going back to sleep after. Baby's first business cards in the mail, watching movie without a single pee break, Giving Up on something and not feeling bad about it. Wallpaper. Couch naps, holding onto Girl's ankle softly, crying little bit for no reason, or proving someone Wrong, winning big money poker, finishing washing dishes. Like remembering how mad I'd get when the smoke detector would go off in our last apt. whenever we used the oven. Wondering if I'll get hit by a bus before I get married and have kiddos. I hope I don't. Overhearing lover's quarrel, blendingshading Graphite with Ring Finger. Or Not having a childhood home anymore. Sleeping bags. Head wrapped in shroud sometimes, sometimes lazy eyes not looking can't be bothered. Sunlight on pinkyelloworange dead-rose. Tongue-in-cheek, tongue-in-someone-else's-cheek. Laughing at Your Own Dumb Poetry. Organized labeled drawers shelves. Ornamental devil, shorthaired dogs, lowkey, cool death, no friends have died though. Starter Kit for Self-Definition. Kiss me. Nah. Art like nahhh. Thanks anyway. Like little victories, little losses, can't hide if I tried, out in the open, Forgiving. What is all this sweet work worth if thou kiss not me?



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