HATCH Series No. 1 | Self-Hood: Between ___ Archetype

+ About the Work

In my painting practice I explore unconventional methods of defining a space by combining and responding to layers of painting, photography and digital media. Through a process of scanning and digitally manipulating a painting, I obscure the distinction between traditional media and digital form and in doing so create an ambiguity that challenges my understanding of a space. As I develop my paintings through cycles of building up and flattening a spatial plane, I actively consider how my mind engages with and interprets the interaction of mixed media.
I address these interests in my current body of work by deconstructing and reclaiming figurative poses through layers of digital abstraction. First, I simplify and accentuate the ges


Richard is a New York based artist working in mixed media. AFter studying studio art with a concentration in painting at Skidmore Colllege and abroad at Studio arts Centers Internationals, he returned to New York City and began exploring ways to synthesize a digital aesthetic with traditional oil painting and drawing. He currently works from his studio with his two dogs..


Instagram: @richardlap