HATCH Series No. 2 | Between the Concrete

+ About the Work

‘To make people free is the aim of art, therefore art for me is the science of freedom’ - Joseph Beuys

Photography is the reality of what I see, all of my artwork (painting, sculpture, drawing etc.) is the expression those realities.
Nature has always been an important form of inspiration in my work, as with many other artist that I adore. ‘Nearly a complete view’ is a obvious example as they are landscapes, however there are other themes that arise for me as I view the work. One important idea is identity and structure. Critically analyzing the environments that were or are things you are seeing. Looking at human interference and how nature takes over or is altered. The significance of the water has many connections however one is for all of these different views to form one body (of work).
Creating spaces that are timeless. Using historical thinking and facts and merging them together with the reality of today. Exploring countless possibilities by chance. An example is my ‘playing card’ series. Inspired greatly by surrealist thinking and their views on art and the world. Looking at the balance of games, chance, unpredictability and time versus science, facts, truths and reality.
When thinking about my work as a whole, all that comes to mind is the freedom I have to create whatever I can imagine. Working with various colors and materials is the expression of that freedom and is all done for precise reasons to express a view. The line is something very important as it is a representation of perfection desired. There is something very beautiful to me about preciseness, however that does not always mean it is calculated or perfect.

HATCH Series x Spaces | Nearly there: Point(s) of Reference

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Michelle is a Colombian and Dutch born artists based in New York. She has received her BFA from SVA.


Instagram: @dreamupblue