HATCH Series No. 1 | Selfhood: Beyond__Archetype

+ About the Work

These print ads came from a marketing campaign presentation designed for Seventeen Magazine. The goal of this school project is to reposition the brand in a way that it can successfully break into the college market.
We, myself and 3 other teammates, positioned Seventeen Magazine as an emotional support for life milestones, one of which being – entering college. We believe that college is not just about looking great on the outside anymore but feeling confident on the inside. It is a time people establish self-identities and Seventeen Magazine is here to provide advices and support. A campaign theme - “college 101, in & out makeover” was thus created to convey the idea. This theme was the core to our communications across various media and creative execution.
The print ads demonstrate as an example of the creative execution developed under this theme. The visual and the copy were designed to drive impression and call-to-action goals.


Eli is a M.S. Graduate of NYU's integrated marketing program.