+ About the Work

Automation, information, consumerism, progress and erosion are collapsed into a muddle that both celebrates and questions its status quo. The mechanical sculptures I construct explore the complexities of this ambivalence through errant machinery, polished forms that collapse and resume composure, and dark mirrored surfaces that reflect the environment around them. These works are kinetic sculptures that move slowly, sometimes imperceptibly, performing gestures born from the banality of the human condition. Their looping, rhythmic motion transforms the sculptures from motorized machines to figural abstractions or landscapes. Rigid symmetrical forms are punctuated with bulging rifts that slowly swell, either in a moment of expansion or exhale. As the forms shift and redirect light they become hallucinogenic and unstable, subsisting in perpetually fracturing and rearranging circumstances. These bloated bodies creak and labor, endlessly moaning and muttering to them selves in an unresolved internal dialogue. An unfurled Gordian knot strains under the task of fusion and separation in an irresolute tug of war. The mechanization in these pieces works in opposition to what we demand of the mechanized world around us. It seeks to offer something else, something that is slow and inefficient but more closely aligned with our selves.


Charlotte Becket lives and works in New York City where she is an Associate Professor at Pace University. She holds an MFA from Hunter College.

Website: www.charlotte-becket.com/