HATCH Series No. 1 | Selfhood: Beyond___Archetype

+ About the Work

My work investigates obsolescence in architecture and nature,challenging functional clarity and the certainty of perspective. Emerging, transforming and dissolving structures are suspended in moments of stability, folding into each other and away from themselves; they facilitate a new equilibrium that both resembles and defies their origins. Through inconsistencies in spatial perception, I want the viewer to sense the potential energy and inevitable failure of the constructions simultaneously– to consider the parameters of the space they ostensibly occupy. Priam, in Greek mythology, was the king of Troy and father to Cassandra. The name derives from a translation meaning “exceptionally courageous.” The painting is part of a series on finding serenity and maintaining sense-of-self within and out of chaos. By isolating forms both in time and place at the precipice of collapse, they are identifiable and inviting, even familiar, yet equally destabilizing. The viewer is intended to feel just as lost as they are found.


Cassandra is a multi-disciplinary artists based in Brooklyn, New York. She holds aBFA from Pratt Institute.