HATCH Series no. 1 | Selfhood: Beyond__Archetype

+ About the Work

My work consists of readymades as well as used objects in a readymade as well as used jar. These are objects (or wastes) from my daily lives. Some are results of my obsessions, some are pieces from objects I regarded dearly. All of them compose parts of the fabrics of who I am and who I see myself as.
Identity is a process of locating the self on and via objects, experiences, conditions, memories, relationships, interactions, and obsessions. The self is congealed with random pieces from the world knitted into its fabrics. These pieces coincide and contradict with one another; they feed on one another yet maintain a certain floating distance from one another. They are connected through the plasma of self-identification, constantly repositioning themselves and altering their significance.


I see art as existing in all aspects of our everyday lives. In the noble as in the mundane; in the aesthetically consecrate as in the commonly banished. Since Dada, the legitimacy of readymade objects as art have been largely debated, yet also gradually accepted. Readymades challenge the consecrated nature of art, deconstructing the creation, definition, and meaning of art.

Through the production and reproduction of meaning, I believe that we are surrounded by art to the very minute composition of our quotidian lives.