HATCH Series No. 1 | Selfhood: Beyond __ Archetype

+ About the Work

Over Easy and All Eyes on You are playful series. Utilizing the female form and all of its inherent sexuality is appealing to me when coupled with a surprising twist that might prompt the viewer to look twice, blink, then look again. I draw inspiration largely from the women that surround me, but I am most interested in highlighting their bodies as they interact with objects, backgrounds and angles that are fresher than the stale nudes that permeate media.

There is a rawness to these series that calls into question the ways society has adjusted to seeing naked women, as well as a disjointed awkwardness to the sections of the body that are portrayed. I also believe in the power of feminity when it is leveraged in such a way that defies the accepted norm. The idea that series such as these might actually elicit disgust in some is fun in and of itself.

The images of Over Easy and All Eyes on You are vibrant and highly illustrative, making it impossible for the viewer to shy away. Deconstructing bodies into abstract shapes rather than allowing them to flourish in all of their societally imposed symbolism helps me and my models take ownership of the parts we were born with.

HATCH x citzenM | Invented Traditions


Amanda is a working photographer based in Brooklyn. She is currently pursing her MA in Photography at SVA.