HATCH Series No. 3 | RE: Design

+ About the Work

The beauty in weaving is that it is a purely tactile art form. Warping the loom, throwing the shuttle, beating the yarn - there is a sense of intimacy with the fiber that you have when you finish a piece. It requires so much work, you innately become attached to it as an art form. It's become my personal outlet and is the only way that I can be in control of my creativity.


Prissage Studio is a textile exploration project founded by Ahna Hughes. It chronicles her experience as a self-taught tapestry weaver as she works with new fibers, learns techniques and explores the textile medium of tapestry weaving. Since founding Prissage Studio, she has taught at the Textile Art Center as a weaving and sewing instructor. She finds working with her hands to be therapeutic and hopes to inspire, encourage and challenge others to experiment and create.