HATCH Series TPE No. 1 | As the City Disappears, Let's Talk about Modernity

HATCH Series x Spaces | Nearly there: Point(s) of Reference

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“I am fascinated with the construction of human experience and the concept of possession. What forms an experience? What experience stays? What are those that we experienced but did not stay?”

Interested in examining the social structure of contemporary cultural exchange, Ta-Wei Huang is curious to explore the social and cultural boundaries of human perception. Huang perceives creativity as a moving and fluid process. Whereas he considers the concept of future and past belongs only to the realm of imagination, Huang focuses solely on moments that are happening in the status of ‘now.’ In HATCH Series TPE No. 1, he explores the relationship between the transient essence of the ‘now’ and the fleeting experiences of the ‘moment’ to unload the mechanism of what formulates the idea of the presence to comb through the intricate cognitive process of character formation, taking place on a (sub)conscious level. His rejection of formal and academic rhetoric facilitate his quest to give artistic production a form that is primitive and prior to rationality.



個展:2015年個展「我們」,台北,台灣、2014年「黃大維個展」,台北,台灣。聯展:2016,HATCH Series X Spaces “Nearly There: Point(s) of Reference,Spaces LIC,紐約,美國、2014,AfterImage, Cuchifritos藝廊 + Project Space/Residency


Tawei is a multimedia artist based in Taipei. 


Instagram: @taweihuangdaily