How far have we come?

Tracing the notion of escapism or perhaps even utopia, raises a number of questions. Why are we constantly obsessed with former epochs or distant places; is it a tendency or an obsession; is the current notion of escapism different from modernist romanticism or imperialistic depictions? The rise of the internet has created access points to pockets of culture previously unattainable due to physical limitations. How has our relationship with the process of “othering” changed with the birth of the digital age? 

The non­stop hustle of New York City can often leave its visitors and inhabitants with little breathing room for rumination. Through the act of writing, we ask for participants to send a handwritten letter to someone of their choosing as a moment of reflection, using the hashtag #hatchxcitizenm topost the results on social media before sending their postcard. This cross over between the digital and analogue poses a multi­layered experience that posits a tension within the time­lag of traditional mail and the current culture of the instant upload to represent physical distance between places and the limitations of images in fully capturing our experiences.


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Warsteiner supports thirsty creatives